The Sewciety was founded by Sheena and Kizzi who shared a totally healthy, and in no way out-of-control, love for fabric. This company might just be an excuse for them to shop for bolts and bolts of fabric, but it is also their passion to spread a love for apparel sewing to the masses.

Sheena and Kizzi believe in the joy and sense of fulfillment that comes from making something with your hands. There’s a magic in sewing and they’ve tried to capture that magic within this box.

Their goal is, and always will be, to send you a box full of high-quality fabric and all the tools needed to sew something awesome. #bringyourownmachine

Meet Sheena

Sheena is a dreamer and doer always looking for a new project, whether that involves ripping out walls or ripping out seams. House renovations and wardrobe reworkings are just a few hobbies Sheena takes on in her free time. Her most recent projects include maternity gowns and infant accessories for professional photo shoots, pattern drafting, and sewing herself an extensive wardrobe.

Sheena is a nurse practitioner, and her co-workers have become accustomed to her requests to trace an article of clothing they’re wearing when she feels inspired for a pattern. When she’s not saving lives or saving old houses, she loves to bake, sew and travel. Her husband and her son are very supportive even when she insists on visiting all the local fabric shops during their vacations. Meanwhile, her dog helps keep her fabric stash under control by destroying all deliveries.

Meet Kizzi

Kizzi has always loved to create and was introduced to sewing by her Granny and Grandma at a young age. From those first attempts at sewing pillows and other random things a child dreams up, she graduated to sewing Halloween costumes, dresses, quilts and lots of stuffed animals.

Kizzi has a M.S. degree in animal science genetics and though she’s never sewn clothes for her dog, she’s thought about it. When she’s not teaching about genetics or other science-y things, she loves to bake, sew, and do jiu jitsu. Her fiance and their dogs are super supportive of these hobbies, especially baking.

Interesting trivia: Kizzi really did run away with the circus.